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Call us for a free phone consultation. Doc would love to talk to you about your options, whether they include hiring an attorney, using the public defender or handling matters yourself.


Family Law:

  • What type of case: Child support, custody, divorce, paternity, etc.?
  • Has a case been filed yet?
  • If yes, in what court?
  • If no, to help us determine which court, what city do you live in (or what is your zip code)?
  • Are there minor children?
  • If yes, how many and ages
  • Is there any real property or business assets to separate?

Criminal Case:

  • When was the arrest?
  • By which police department?
  • When is the next court date?
  • Which court?
  • What are the charges?
  • Is the defendant currently in jail?
  • Are there any priors?
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