“I’m your Huckleberry”

Heidi “Doc” Holliday combines a dynamic approach to practicing law with a gentleness and personal drive and capacity to listen. Doc has years of experience handling family law and criminal cases in state and federal court. She has a background in law enforcement and worked at the District Attorney’s Office before starting Holliday Law Firm.

Need Help Now? We Are Here For You.

We will get back to you promptly throughout the process of your case. A huge weight will be lifted from your shoulders knowing your case is being handled and all your questions will be answered via personal phone call, text, or email. No waiting or worrying whether or not your attorney has taken care of things. You will not have to go through our legal assistant every time you need a quick answer from your attorney. Heidi “Doc” Holliday is hands on and a firm believer in personal service. She truly cares about your well being throughout the process.

How much does it cost to hire an attorney?

It depends on how complex the case is.

Family Law:  There are several options. Doc can guide you through doing your own paperwork and representing yourself for a nominal fee. Or, she can prepare the paperwork for you, you file it, and represent yourself. You can have her step in if things become too complicated. Doc also has had clients do their own filing and have friends serve the papers to the other party, saving them money. She is always available to take on the entire case.

Criminal Law:  Doc charges flat rates for criminal cases and the amount is completely dependant on how complex the case is and where your case is in the criminal justice process. Flat rates generally include all legal work through the preliminary hearing. Trials are charged on a per-day basis. 

Doc doesn’t require the huge retainers other attorneys do in family law, and is willing to work with you by accepting payments. 

Holliday Law Firm accepts cash, checks, and PayPal, enabling credit or debit card payment. 

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(818) 584 1934

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